Porn Is As Old As Mankind

The Apostles would have passed by images like these in their travels. Yet the Scriptures are silent on the production of or enjoyment of erotic images. But despite the silence on this subject in the Bible, Christian teachers and preachers have assembled a long list of arguments against Christian men producing or enjoying erotic images. Click below to find answers to these most common arguments.

Politically Incorrect Facts About Porn

A 2014 Barna Group survey showed that 79 percent of men between the ages of 18 and 30 look at porn. The number of men looking at porn drops as men age so when you take middle age men (40s and 50s) and elderly men (60 and older) together the percentage of men of all ages looking at porn on a monthly basis is 64%. But still that is a pretty high number. So basically three quarters of young men (18 to 30) look at porn on a monthly basis and two thirds of all men across all ages look at porn on a monthly basis.

And if you are wondering about if there is any difference between Christian men – these numbers were from Christian men. The numbers are basically the same between Christians and non-Christians on this issue.

This widespread use of porn by men leads us to many questions. How does porn use affect a man’s desire for real sexual intimacy with a woman? How does porn use affect teenagers engaging in underage sex? How does porn use affect sex crimes? Does it increase them?

How To Approach Your Wife About Porn

4 Steps to Talking to Your Woman About Porn

So you have searched the Scriptures and firmly believe that your use of porn is not a sin and is actually a good and healthy thing to do. But how do you approach this conversation with your girlfriend or wife? Find the answers here.

Replace the Guilt of Porn Use With Glory

How does watching porn and masturbating glorify God?

After debunking all the negative arguments against porn use we are faced with this important question. Find the answer here.

Porn use is a way to escape the temptation of extra-marital sex

The churches since the post-apostolic age have robbed men of an invaluable tool for fighting true sexual temptation. Find out more here.

4 Steps To Overcoming the Guilt of Porn Use And Masturbation

“If watching porn and masturbating are right before God, then why do I have this rushing feeling of guilt that comes over me each time after I masturbate after looking at porn?” This is a question many Christian men ask even after seeing there is no condemnation of these things in the Bible. What these men are referring to is what I call the Porn Use Guilt Cycle. Find out how to break this cycle here.


  • Dennis Prager is half right and half wrong about porn
    Dennis Prager recently stated that “Men want variety. … If pornography is a substitute for one’s wife, it’s awful. If it’s a substitute for adultery, it’s not awful”.  He made this statement as part of a round table discussion on the book of Exodus that was conducted by Jordan Peterson on Daily Wire.
  • Doubts About Enjoying Porn Come From a Lack of Understanding The Gospel
    A Christian man studies the Scriptures and he finds that lust is not mere sexual desire or even sexual fantasy, but it is the desire to entice someone into committing fornication or adultery. He further studies and learns the Scriptural principle that we as Christians do not have to agree with the way something was made (like images of porn constructed by using unmarried actors) to enjoy the use of that thing. And he understands that he can take the good from porn (beautiful images of men and women having sex) and separate that from the bad (sinful set up stories before the sex).